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Summer surveying internship for the students of Geomatics Engineering

Publisher:Kaifei HePubdate:2023-08-07Views:58

From July 1st to 21st, all 2021 students majoring in Geomatics Engineering at our college conducted a geodetic internship on campus. This internship was guided by the teachers, Prof. Xinzhong Wang, Prof. Kaifei He, Dr. Xiuying Peng, and Dr. Zhixi Nie, mainly focusing on leveling network measurement and plane control network measurement.

At the mobilization meeting, Prof. Xinzhong Wang explained the route of the practice, the operation method of the instrument and the precautions. The students were full of energy and full of expectations for the practice. From July 5th to July 11th, the students completed the level measurement under the guidance of the teachers. They braved the scorching summer day and traveled throughout every corner of the campus together.

From July 11th to July 14th, students conducted wire measurement, during which they became more familiar with the use of the total station. Subsequently, they carried out internal work. Fortunately, under the careful guidance of various teachers, students discovered problems and quickly addressed them, achieving good results in the internship, Prof. Kaifei He, Dr. Xiuying Peng and Dr. Zhixi Nie are always with the students, pointing out the non-standard operation.

Lastly, during the practice assessment, Dr. Xiuying Peng and Dr. Zhixi Nie strictly reviewed the materials submitted by the students and organized practical tests to ensure that the students got something. Students said, through this internship, they have a deeper understanding of what they have learned, and them knowledge is no longer floating in the paper, and have the opportunity to practice.

During the three-week internship, the students gradually mastered the measurement methods from unfamiliarity to familiarity. The smooth progress of the summer internship makes the relationship between teachers and students more intimate, the students have a deeper understanding of professional knowledge, the students will remember the internship is not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue, the spirit of excellence, continue to sail ahead in the sea of learning.

(Author: Jiayi Xu, Yujing Lin, Reviewer:  Kaifei He, Source: College of Oceanography and Space Informatics)