Academician Zuxun Zhang Speaks at Huangdao Forum on Cloud Control and Close-Range Photogrammetry

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       On June 5th, 2024, Professor Zuxun Zhang of Wuhan University, an academician at both the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, delivered the 92nd lecture at the Huangdao Forum.

Academician Zuxun Zhang was invited to give an academic report

Academician Zuxun Zhang reviewed the progress of digital photogrammetry in China, highlighting the emergence of "cloud control" photogrammetry from academic developments and "close-range" photogrammetry in response to societal needs. In his report, he discussed the use of close-range photogrammetry for data provision in digital twins, exemplifying this with the reinforcement of hazardous rocks in Zhangjiajie's Tianmen Cave and survey work at the Wudongde Hydropower Station.

Academician Zuxun Zhang believes that "uncontrolled" photogrammetry is the ultimate goal of the field, and "cloud control" shares a similar essence with it, aiming ultimately for uncontrolled processes. "Cloud control" relies on data and utilizes a wide array of geospatial information such as DOM, DEM, DLG, raw aerial triangulation images, public geodata, and LiDAR point clouds for photogrammetric control.

Academician Zuxun Zhang addressed the limitations of current terrestrial observation techniques in meeting the needs for landslide and rockfall surveying, monitoring, and early warning. He proposed a third type of photogrammetric image acquisition, called "close-range" photogrammetry, and discussed its applications in landslide analysis, water conservation, ancient architecture, and precise urban 3D reconstruction.

Professor Zhenjie Wang from the Department of Surveying and Mapping raised a question at the event.

After his report, Academician Zuxun Zhang engaged in an in-depth interaction and exchange with the students and teachers.

After the presentation, the teachers who attended took a group photo with Academician Zuxun Zhang.

Zuxun Zhang is a renowned photogrammetry and remote sensing expert, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Eurasian Academy of Sciences, and a professor at Wuhan University. He has significantly contributed to the field with his research in automation of aerial photogrammetric mapping and has pioneered several innovative theories in digital photogrammetry, including "cloud control" and close-range photogrammetry. His work has helped position China among the top three globally in photogrammetric technology. He has received numerous awards, including a National Natural Science Award and two National Science and Technology Progress Awards.

(Authors: Hui Sheng, Dachuan Zhang, Hongtao Yang (Text), Chengjun Ge (Photography),

Reviewed by: Huashuai Yu; Source: Department of Surveying and Mapping)