Department of Geomatics held an international cooperation and exchange symposium with University of Melbourne and Masaryk University

Publisher:Kaifei HePubdate:2024-04-26Views:10

On the morning of April 22nd, the Department of Geomatics held an international cooperation and exchange symposium with Professor Abbas Rajabifard and Professor Benny Chen from the University of Melbourne in Australia, Professor Milan Konecny from Masaryk University in the Czech Republic, and Professor Mingzhou Qin from Henan University at Room 1508, Engineering Building E. Director HaiqiWang, Party Branch Secretary Binghu Huang, Deputy Director Yongliang Bai from the Department of Geomatics, and Dr. Guanya Wang from the Department of Electronics attended the symposium, and the symposium was hosted by Vice Dean Kaifei He.

Venue of the international cooperation and exchange symposium

Firstly, Professor Kaifei He introduced the history of China University of Petroleum and its composition, the composition and international exchange activities, the current training situation of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students about the College of Oceanography and Space Informatics, as well as the faculty and research directions of the Department of Geomatics to the experts. Subsequently, the participating experts engaged in in-depth discussions on teacher instruction, student composition and training methods.

Next, the foreign experts provided a detailed introduction to the basic situation of their respective universities, as well as the training mechanisms and implementation of undergraduate student to pursue a master's or doctoral degree, international student exchange models and training methods, research exchange approaches, and international project cooperation. Both parties held discussions with an open and cooperative attitude on the above topics, aiming to enhance further international cooperation and exchanges, expand communication channels, and strengthen cooperation opportunities through joint efforts.

Professor Abbas Rajabifar presented his books

Finally, Professor Abbas Rajabifard presented two books "Spatially Enabling Government, Industry and Citizens" to the college and the Department of Geomatics. Through this symposium, we have deepened our understanding of each other and reached preliminary cooperation intentions on further deepening cooperation and building student joint training.

(Author: Binghu Huang, Reviewer: Kaifei He, Source: College of Oceanography and Space Informatics)